Friday, 15 November 2013

Changing times...

Well it has been a busy year and I really haven't done as much blogging as I would have liked!

There have been a few changes over the year to what I offer and how I want to put it all out into the market and so I thought it would be good to let everyone know about them!

A couple of years ago I started working on my unique model 'Annie Page's Point of Transition'  a model for sports professionals looking for their what next.  After a year of testing, adapting and exploring with it I felt it was time to start discussing it with other people and test the market.  I was amazed by the response from athletes that I knew who loved it and from people in the business world who wanted to adapt it for themselves.  However it still felt like quite a different product to those that I offered under Essentii and after discussing it with a few trusted individuals I decided to launch it as me and not as Essentii.  This meant I could also separate out the speaking engagements and the books/ articles that I wanted to write into my own personal brand rather than the company.  This also means that in future as the company grows I can bring in more people to deliver that work and I can further establish my personal brand!

This year also saw myself and my good friend Lucy Hampton run our own NLP Practitioner Programme - 18 great days between May and November with a wonderful and fun group of people. This we have established under Clearly Essential and details can be found here -

So with these changes in mind I have updated the company website and set up  There will be different twitter accounts with the @essentii company one moving much more towards NLP bias, coaching and training, leadership, communication, team building etc and leaving @anniepageuk as more about change and transition, research and articles into how change can effect us, talking engagements etc.

Over the next year the changes will start to be more marked and defined and it will still be me at the core of it all.

This blog will be one of the few places where all the worlds come together with pieces from the talks I have given, what the company is up to, and my running blog, so that people can see I do all the things I talk, coach and train, in all areas of my own life.  The integrity of walking the talk is important to me.

I hope you will enjoy exploring with me and that we continue to have fun as we go.