Thursday, 20 May 2010

Moving on.....

An update…. Well running is still slow as I build up again, my body isn’t working at it’s best (having some tests at the Docs) and hoping that if I can get through the next few weeks then when I am back on form there will be a good jump in my stamina and speed….. here’s hoping……

I have to admit I did chicken out of running the St Albans 10K as I knew it would be a personal worst and decided to have an extra glass of wine the night before instead of running. My head just wasn’t ready to accept what the time might have been.

So moving forward I have signed up for the NSPCC Milton Keynes half Marathon in July which has given me some structure to my training and in July I will be running the Marston 5K which is run by my running club (Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers) a good flat race and one I have decided will be a jog round. At the end of June I’ve also signed up for the Thame 10K with another runner and so this one I will not be able to chicken out of as we will go together – strategy in place having learned after not running St Albans.

I have signed up for the Park Runs which are on a Saturday, free, 5K runs no pressure. I did sign up in March and haven’t got to one yet! Still they are in the diary and are now part of my cunning plan…..

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