Thursday, 29 May 2014

Understanding Change - Part 1

Over the next few weeks I am going to be sharing some of the findings from my change mindset research undertaken over the winter.

I undertook the research as I wanted to understand how people dealt with the changes that happened as they transitioned from professional sport to the next stage in their life.  I interviewed a variety of people from both sport and business backgrounds to find out what their mindset and strategy was when dealing with change.  I wanted to know how this group of people thought about change and if there were common themes and strategies that others who were facing change could take on.

I asked everyone the same six questions, which will be available to you next week so that you can also take part in this research.

With many thanks to the following for their time and insight with this research, before, during and after...

Bryan Steel, Dan Davies, David Cook, David Moorcroft, Geoff Webb, George Arbuckle, John Quenby, Nadeem Shaikh, Neil Heaney, Dr Matt Long, Phil Briggs

As I collated the answers, I was able to see that although initially the answers could be thought to be positive or negative, the research led me to realise that it was more about getting thinking Started to achieving goals or taking control of a change as opposed to Stopping thinking and then getting stuck in the situation.  There were also questions and statements made which were Neutral and seemed to give space in order to change from Stopped thinking to Started thinking. 

For five of the questions there is a pie chart with the relationship between the different thinking patterns that show Started, Stopped or Neutral thinking. 

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