Friday, 30 March 2012

Networking on the Move

It's always great when you have an idea and other people like it! And so it was with Networking on the Move. After a conversation at a Business Beacon networking meeting with Pam Woods we both decided that getting people together for a walk and gentle easy exercises (for those that wanted) is a great way to start the day and Energise peoples bodies, brains and business.

Our muscles need oxygen rich blood to really work properly and the brain is no different. Getting outside and moving means that everyone gets to talk and really start to get to know each other in a much more powerful way than just hearing a one minute pitch! It means we can understand each other and our businesses on a completely different level and therefore it's not about what we can sell to each other but how we can help promote and build relationships with each other - and people buy from people!

What is also important to me is that people also get to find out how to keep fit and healthy in an easy way, no need for lots of expensive equipment or gym fees and feel really invigorated for the day . Good health = Good Business - but that's a blog for another day!

And so the first Networking on the move was launched on 21st March at Bedford Priory Marina. We meet every third Wednesday of the month at 8.00am for the walk, exercises and business discussions which is then followed by some light refreshment in the Beefeater, finishing about 9.30am

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Graham Childs Michael Darvell, Pam Woods, John Guinn, Me

'Networking on the move is an excellent innovation. It was good to be out in the fresh air with plenty of opportunity to chat and gain useful pointers from Annie to stay fit in simple ways. The walk left me feeling energised for the day ahead but was by no means too strenuous - even for someone like me who doesn't go near the gym!'

Michael Darvell of Darvell Consultancy Ltd

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  1. Nice post and i like it. I just want to say one thing that exercise is best activity to start a day. It is always my fist activity of a day. It is a great learning of me to read this post.