Thursday, 5 April 2012

Leadership Lessons from another perspective...

On LinkedIn recently they have picked up a series of 5 Leadership Lessons from The Godfather, Star Trek and Hans Solo (my personal favourite but I was always more Star Wars than Star Trek!)

So I thought were else can we learn from, and while looking up for inspiration stumbled over the cat! So here are my 5 top Leadership Lessons from the Cat.

1 - Take the pill with the cheese

If you or your team have got something unpalatable you need to do then make sure you plan in a reward for once it's done

2 - Continually paw owner in face until they get up and feed you.

While I'm not advocating any sort of violence - persistence is key. If you believe in something then keep going, you only fail if you stop - Think Edison and 1000 ways not to invent the light bulb!

3 - Stare at owner until you have eye contact then immediately stare at bowl that requires fresh food (even if what's there has only been in the bowl for 10 mins...)

Communicate your message in a way that works for the person you are working with so that it makes sense to them.

4 - Stare randomly into space

Give yourself space to think - if you're stuck with a problem then let it go from your conscious mind and you'll be surprised how easily and quickly the answer you're looking for will come to you

5 - Press random combinations of keys while walking across the laptop

You'll be amazed at what short cuts there are to your programs and what different combinations can do - then finding out how they work is a great learning process and once done not forgotten - so what are your short cut keys?

Hope you enjoyed this bit of fun before Easter and have a great few days off.

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