Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Understanding Change Part 4

How does change challenge You?

Initial Response - Frustrating

When thinking about this question there was some flip flopping between the positive and negative and some interesting neutral statements and questions people asked themselves to find a balance.

Change can challenge when it seems scary, uncomfortable, it is the unknown. It can often be hard to concentrate on the day to day and keeps some people awake at night. It can leave people bitter and resistant when it has a negative outcome.

Despite all this the challenge of change is accepted. It allows people to shake off the shackles of convention and conventional wisdom, break assumptions, consider things not considered before. It helps people think differently and reflect on their choices so that they can decide on how and what they wanted to do next, in order to raise their game. When there is a positive outcome they start to look at how the skills they have gained can be used elsewhere.

When looking at change within self a great phrase used was 'open the gate - don't jump it'.  Make is easy on yourself.

There is also the challenge of reflection and addressing issues arising from the change and bringing people through it. Understanding that the change will happen and how you can adjust and accommodate it. If creating the change then believe it is for the right reason.

Ask Yourself?
How can you make the challenge of change easy on yourself?

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