Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Understanding Change - Part 5

What is your current strategy for dealing with change?

Initial Response - FACE IT

Peoples strategies were about dealing with the change, There was a small amount of burying their head in the sand and a feeling that they could not effect change from the bottom.  This was quickly replaced with a strategy of  breaking down the change into small chucks and learning how to manage upwards.

On the whole the strategies started with the fact you had to face up the them, the fact that change happens and you need to respond to it and learn to roll with the punches.

As an individual having a goal meant that there was then room for planning and creating what the next steps needed to be and also helped people then initiate the change and become the change agent.  This allowed them to build their networks and learn new skills.

Some would want to keep ahead of change in order to have opportunity and challenge and would therefore actively seek out new goals to challenge themselves with.

Running through all the strategies there was also a little bit of 'just get on with it' and being clear that the change was not for change sake - but because it matters.

Within any change there is good and bad and those interviewed would look for the good and embrace it and would find out what the benefits would be and be able to show others in order to bring them on board with the changes and help change hearts and minds of those not yet convinced.

Ask Yourself?

What's your current strategy for dealing with change?

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