Monday, 16 February 2015

Business and Personal Development Courses for 2015!!

Delighted to announce that we will be running our successful courses again in 2015!!

Clearly Essential
NLP Business Foundation and Full Practitioner Programme

This course is your essential toolkit for work and life.  You can do the 9 day Business Foundation or the full 18 day NLP Practitioner Programme.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a proven method for enhancing communication and people skills.  It helps us to better understand ourselves and others; finding our own pathways to success.  This course covers the essential NLP Practitioner content, accredited by the Professional Guild of NLP, ensuring that you would be fully qualified to take your studying further if you desired.

Part 1 - NLP Business Foundation
9 days

The first 9 days of this programme covers all the essential information and techniques for you to understand how you work and be able to take back your learning to your workplace and use it effectively to produce greater results for you, your team and your business.

21 - 23 April 2015
19 - 21 May 2015
9 - 11 June 2015

Part 2 - NLP Practitioner
9 days

The next 9 days will continue on from the Business Foundation with more techniques and learning for you to build your knowledge and expertise and understanding of your reality and understanding others  This gives you a full NLP Practitioner certificate accredited by the Professional Guild of NLP.

7 - 9 July 2015
4  6 August 2015
8 - 10 September 2015


Full NLP Practitioner Part 1 & 2 - £2900 + VAT (before 15 May 2015)
Business Foundation Part 1 only - £1900 + VAT
NLP Practitioner Part 2 £1400 + VAT (if booked after 15 May 2015)


The course will be at Wyboston Lakes Conference Centre, Wyboston, Bedfordshire with easy access to major road connections

For more information and to book contact:
Annie Page : 01525 633874 or

Lucy Hampton : 07931 902826 or


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