Friday, 6 March 2015

How to have a fit and healthy business

I have recently been talking with clients about looking after their overall health and fitness in order to decrease stress at work and therefore feel good and be more creative and make better decisions.

We don't live in different pockets, however much we think we categorise different areas of our life, work, home, fitness, friends, etc - it is about how we balance all these areas and create the life we want.

Making sure we have the right mindset to do this is fundamental and when we are feeling fit and healthy, we automatically look after ourselves better, eat well and enjoy being in the moment rather than worrying about decisions we made in the past or ones we are going to make in the future.

Being able to understand our thinking and how we can development our mindset to help us create more opportunities to do the things we want to do and have the business we want to have are the building blocks we need to put in place.

Working with a new client, we started thinking about how I can support them to achieve their health and fitness goals they have, this includes weekly talks over Skype to record progress and look at what might get in the way for the next week and what we have learnt from the week before.  What started to happen was that we also discussed the business and what was going on with that as well - this seemed a natural progression using all aspects of my core skills with great results for the client.

One of the main points is that making your health and fitness a part of your business means that you are not trying to fit everything in to 'spare time' or feeling guilty for taking time out during the day - as it all becomes part of your goal to create a growing and sustainable business alongside a healthy mind and healthy body.

In a report commissioned by Business in the Community they said

‘The health and wellbeing of employees makes an essential contribution to business success.  I believe that employees are at their most productive and creative when they are in an environment that supports their health and wellbeing.  Even a small on-going investment in the wellbeing of your staff can pay big dividends for your business.  It can help improve your bottom line.  It can reduce absenteeism and improve staff retention.  And you will reap the rewards that come from having a motivated staff and a vibrant workplace…..

Remember you are an employee as well as the owner or director within your business!

They also created the following model to highlight the benefits.

If you are interested in finding out how you can enjoy these benefits for yourself and grow and develop your business through your own health and fitness then contact me to talk through how I can support you to create the business you want.  or 01525 633874

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